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On the night of 10th Sept.2019:

We ,a family of four, started from Eindhovan for our 5-day tour to Jungfraujoch-the Swiss Alps (at a height of 3454 mts) in the Bernese Oberland (Switzerland) catching a bus to Zurich(reached at 10AM) and then boarding a train(at 13hrs) to Interlaken(west) via Bern reaching at 15hrs.It was a very pleasant journey with bewitching vistas of beautiful mountaineous landscapes, trees and mesmerizing lakes as we passed them by train. we reached our pre-booked rented accommodation -a 2BHK house (quite comfortable with a beautiful kitchen& balcony) overlooking a canal offering a very refreshing aura about it.Got refreshed &took early dinner before a good nights sleep. On 12/09/2019 ,We proceeded to Interlaken(east) to catch our train bound for Jungfru through Lauterbrunnen(sighted the famous waterfall off the mountain),Wengen, Allmond, Kleine Scheidegg and Eismeer. On the way we had breathtaking views of the mesmerizing plateaus, glaciers and valleys .At Eismeer we took photos of the snow covered valleys all around. On reaching the peak we had our hearts fill of the surrounding mountain ranges and the famous Aletsch glacier in the distance, wonderful view of the colorful heliopter circling difficult peaks of the iconic trio of Eiger, Monch and Jungfro peaks .Enjoyed the Sphinx Rock Observatory, glacier plateau, Jungfrau Panorama, Ice palace,Swiss chocolate &the cafetaria with delicious dishes & beverages. Indulged in various ice sports such as skiing, snowboarding & skating.It was a magical treat as we started our return journey to Interlaken. Interlaken :It is a premier holiday destination and internationally renowned conference centre. It is the starting point of many excursions .It is the between Lake Thun & lake Brienz at the foot of the stunning mountain trio -Eiger(3970mts), Monch (4107mts) and Jungfrau.(3454mts).

Main components of the journey to Junfgrau:

The departure point for the journey into Jungfrau valley is Interlaken, the tourist metropolis between lake Thun &lake Brienz. Since 1890,the Bernese Oberland Railway(BOB) links Interlaken with Jungfrau and provides continuous service all the year round with 1 million tourists visiting the place. Kleine Scheidegg at 2061 mts lies directly at the foot of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau massifs and affords the view of Eiger north face.125 years ago, Wengeralp railways made the region accessible. Kleine Scheidegg can be reached easily from Grindelwald or from Lautterbrunnen along the foot of Eiger north face. Modern transport operate on both sides providing pleasant journey and outstanding vistas. From Eiger glacier Jungfrau railway travels through a 7.1km tunnel upto Jungfrau. At the Eismeer intermediate station, visitors gain their first dreamlike impression of a high alpine mountain setting carved out of eternal ice & snow.

MAKING A TRAIN -CHANGEOVER AT KLEINE SCHEIDEGGThe last leg of arrival to the Swiss Alps-Jungfrau.

The highlight of the journey is the arrival at Jungfrau-the Top of Europe at an elevation of 3454mts, is the highest railway station in Europe. The unique marvels of nature in the UNESCO Swiss Alps World heritage site are simply breathtaking. Vistas of Aletsch Glacier are simply stunning. On clear day the view to north extends as far as Vosges mountain range in France and heights of black forest in Germany. The Swiss flag was hoisted directly over the ice palace on the Glacier platform of the Jungfrau in 1912.

The attractions: Facilities open all the year round.

1)SPHINX ,3571mts -From the railway station we reach the Sphinx hall and then to the Sphinx observatory 112mts above by lift from where we get the panoramic views of the surrounding vistas. 2)Jungfrau Panorama: It conveys a 360* wraparound experience of the mountain world.3)Alpine Sensation: Here the development of the Alps and history of the Jungfrau railways is presented in the 250 long adventure trail.4)Ice Palace: A hall where crystalline-ice sculptures are created for the visitors .The hall temperature is maintained to minus three degrees to compensate for the body heat given off by the visitors.5) Swiss Plateau: Visitors assemble here to take personal photographs in front of the Swiss Flag.6)Swiss Chocolate Heaven: The Lindt Chocolate heaven is the latest innovation that no visitor should miss .Visitors learn about the history and production of Chocolate.7)Glacier hike from Jungfrau to Monchsjoch hut at 3657mts is conducted from March to October ,in good weather only.8)Helicopter service to view the 3 peaks.


We went for a Boat ride from Interlaken to Thun on the lake visiting many beautiful places on the scheduled halts namely; Neuhaus,Beatenbutch,Merligen,Spiez,Faulensee,Leissigen,Darligen.We had delicious meals on board and enjoyed the tour immensely.


After the joyous boat ride, We went for yet another sport; Paragliding which was very thrilling &adventurous event.Came back to our house-stay after a quite happy outing.


It being our last leg of the tour we decided to go for Jetboat adventure on the lake Brienz, Interlaken(East).It was really very exciting and thrilling experience especially the 360* spin of the boat in a very small rotating radius. It was real fun and adventure. In the evening we went to yet another location of Interlaken :

Harder Klum: The Top of Interlaken– This excursion destination with its stunning vistas can be reached by funicular railways in 10 minutes. Visitors can have finest views of the Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau as well as lakes Thun and Brienz from the viewing platform. The Panorama restaurant offers many delicious dishes and musical entertainment for the visitors .We enjoyed the location by taking photos of spots so vividly visible there.


Today we started our return journey by catching train to Zurich & then taking flight to Amsterdam. From there we took train to Eindhovan & reached late evening marking the end of a very sensational tour of Jungfrau-Top of the Europe.






Published by Dhirendra.S.Chauhan

I am a travel enthusiast from India always full of curiosity to explore new places marked by some cultural, geographical & historical significance around the globe. Also I love visiting places full of adventure/mystery & have undertaken many amazing trekking expeditions to difficult locations needing toughness of body, soul &the spirit. I have explored most of Indian states/UTs to learn about their culture,had cultural exchange with people & learnt to respect their religious beliefs/customs. Very recently(September 2019), we have been on our maiden foreign trip(50 days)to Netherlands, France, Belgium& Switzerland.The trips were full of amazing monuments,natural landscapes & places of great scenic beauty.Enjoyed the visit enormously.Having traveled so much I felt like travel blogging & here I am doing just that !Apart from travel-blogging I also like poetry. Basically I am an Electrical Engineer retired recently from Central Govt. Service after serving for 38 yrs. Meanwhile I have completed my Master of Social Work degree to pursue my Social obligations towards my fellow beings & am engaged in rendering Social Services to the needy &the disadvantaged ! Also I will like to pursue my new-found interest/hobby of writing Travelogues to benefit my readers by providing max. details like statistics, demography, historical origin, way of life , professions , languages spoken & the culture/customs associated with any place. While enjoying any tourist place, I simply advocate that one must also try to learn about the place. I travel and then share the collected information with the potential traveler .Hence the name of my site - Travel and share.😊


  1. आपके द्वारा संकलित ब्लाग अति उत्तम एवं प्रेरणादायक है।
    स्नातन परम्परा को चैरेवेती यानी भ्रमण/देशाटन ही ज्ञान का सर्वोच्च मार्ग है,और इस ज्ञान को लोगो तक प्रेषित करना एक सुखद अनुभूति का मार्ग है ।
    इसी प्रकार लोगो को जानकारी प्रदान करते रहिये इसी मे परम आनन्द एवं समय की सार्थकता है


    1. बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद मान्यवर!ज़्यादा नहीं मैंने तो हमारी पुरातन परम्परा का निर्वाहन ही कियाहै प्रोत्साहित रखने के लिए हार्दिक अभिवादन!आपका साथ वांचनीय है सर!


    1. Great comment Sir! I feel happy that I was able to come up with some beautiful vistas of a stunning location Jungfrau, the Top of Europe. Your responses are the reflections of my works .Big thanks! I got what I yearn for-benefit to the travel planners to get a feel of the place under consideration beforehand.


  2. Great post ! I seemed to have revisited Switzerland and remembered the pleasant memories through the beautiful pictures. Keep writing and continue enlightening the travellers. 👍🏻

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, you are very much right regarding revisiting Switzerland through this post. My attempt is to present a memoir which is a collection of pleasant memories in the 2D version in case our memories of the 3D experiences fade away in time.It was,indeed,a dream project accomplished as we enjoyed every moment of the tour. Keep encouraging pl.


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