EVOLUON & PHILIPS STADIUM:The two invaluable gifts to Eindhoven town from the Technology giant -The Philips Company

Recently we visited two landmarks of Eindhoven town & were pretty impressed with the buildings’ architecture & numerous inbuilt facilitities encompassed within them.

Evoluon’s History :

Originally a science museum, the distinctively designed Evoluon in Eindhoven,Netherlands is now a sleek, modern conference center. This famous landmark has secured the coveted Benelux’s highest possible rating, of ‘5 hammers’ and vaunts an events venue that can accommodate up to 1500 visitors .Frits Philips commissioned the Evoluon to commemorate the Philips company’s 75th anniversary in 1966 and gifted it to the public. The Evoluon was extremely popular, attracting over 500,000 visitors in 1970 with its thought-provoking science and technology exhibits that encouraged visitor interaction.

Museum :The building was used as an educational technology museum from 1966 to 1989 and attracted large numbers of visitors until the 1970s. This was partly because the visitors themselves were allowed to experiment and operate demonstration models. At the time, this was still new and especially attractive to students and other young people. Many schools traditionally organized an ‘Evoluon trip’ once a year. It was part of an NS day trip. Moreover, there were no competing technology museums in the Netherlands yet. In the 1970s and 1980s, however, similar technology-oriented public museums were also established in other cities, such as in Amsterdam. As a result, the number of visitors to the Evoluon decreased every year. The exploitation and updating of the set-up cost a lot of money and in the end people ended up in the red. Also with Philips (owner of the building) things did not go well in those years and the group disposed of many unprofitable branches during large-scale reorganisations. According to Philips, it became too expensive to update the exhibitions sufficiently. Despite much protest, the group management decided, after years of investing money on the Evoluon, to close the exhibition in the building and from 1989 it no longer had a public function.

Convention and Event Center Subsequently, several new buildings were completed on the surrounding site and since 1996 the Evoluon complex has been a conference and events center. From 2004 to (March 11) 2013, the Friends of the Evoluon Foundation was active. This foundation strived to restore the Evoluon as an icon for technology and progress. The foundation was re-established on February 27, 2018. Since the summer of 2012, Philips wants to use the building again for (temporary) exhibitions. In that year the kick-off was given with an exhibition about the human brain, in collaboration with Discovery center Continium in Kerkrade . More events will follow in collaboration with Continium, as well as with NEMO and Technopolis in Mechelen (Belgium).

New Evolution:

In October 2013, the German band Kraftwerk  gave four 3D concerts at the Evoluon, each attended by 1,200 spectators. The room was personally chosen for this purpose by Kraftwerk founder Ralf Hutter , because of the retro-futuristic appearance of the building and its relationship with Philips . 3D animations showing the saucer section of the building descending from space were part of the song Spacelab .In the autumn of 2014,RTL 4’s Slimmer I Oen program was included in the Evoluon .In the film ‘The Slim Family’, the Inventicon inventors’ fair takes place in the Evoluon. 


A UFO Has Landed :

The Evoluon’s distinctive design resembles a UFO that has landed in the middle of Eindhoven. The building was based on an original idea by Frits Philip. The unusual design meant many calculations were needed to make sure the 77-meter concrete dome was properly supported. Concentric rings line the dome like circular balconies and are now used for events. In the late 1980s, the building was renovated and expanded to be used for receptions and conferences for the Philips company. Later on in the 1990s the Philips Hall auditorium, meeting rooms, and VIP suites were added. The Evoluon is now available for conferences, meetings, and events. At the beginning of 2021 it was announced that the Evoluon will once again become a museum (a so-called future lab ) for science and technology under the leadership of the Next Nature Network . Half a million euros will be made available from the Ministry of Education , Culture and Science , the municipality of Eindhoven and the province of Noord-Brabant will contribute another 5.4 million euros for the next four years . The permanent exhibition is expected to follow in about four years time.


The Philips Stadion is a football stadium in Eindhoven, Netherlands, and it is the home of PSV Eindhoven (Philips Sport Vereniging), and therefore also known as PSV Stadion. With a capacity of 36,500, it is the third-largest football stadium in the country. Established as the Philips Sportpark, it was constructed as a sports field for Philips employees in 1910. The Philips Elftal played football matches from 1911 until 1913, when the team was succeeded by PSV. Since 1913, PSV has used the original ground as its home stadium. The stadium has gone through several extensions in its history: after a wooden stand in 1916, seating and standing places slowly enclosed the field throughout the first decades. Two extensive renovations in the 1970s and 1990s first created a covered stadium, and then a two-tiered ground with extensive commercial spaces. The completion of the four corners in 2002 eventually led to its current capacity.

The Philips Stadion currently holds a four-star rating by UEFA. It has hosted a range of Netherlands national team fixtures since 1971. In 2013, PSV’s reserve team, Jong PSV, also played their league matches at the stadium. They now play their games at the training complex De Herdgang. Furthermore, the Philips Stadion was the location for three UEFA Euro 2000 group stage matches, as well as the 2006 UEFA Cup Final. Aside from football-related purposes, the ground is occasionally used for music concerts

My dear readers may kindly point out any incorrect information in my above writeup needing any corrections! I am truly indebted to Wikipedia for the invaluable information on the subject !Happy Reading !

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